Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birds of Tasmania by Ian and Tica

Superb Ferry Wren, Tasmania (Photo by Ben)

Here is a list of Tasmania birdlife. We were in Tasmania for a short time in January, where we rented a campervan and drove almost all the way around the island in ten days. -- Ian & Tica

Hooded plover, Freycinet NP (Photo by Ben)

Common Name


Hooded Plover

rare, spotted at Friendly Beaches, Freycinet NP


Very common, very distinctive call

Pink Robin

Rare, seen at Platypus Bay, Lake St. Claire NP

Shy Albatross

Seen dead on Hazards beach, Freycinet NP

Superb Fairy Wren

Most common bird we saw there

Tasmanian Native Hen

Seen at Port Arthur on the Tasman Peninsula

Welcome Swallow

very common

White-bellied Sea Eagle

Seen over the water

Laughing Kookabura, Narawantapu NP, Tasmania (Photo by Ben)

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