Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birds of Fiji by Tica and Ian

Here is a list of the birds we saw or heard in Fiji. Again, the original list contains scientific names and other information about these birds. - Ian & Tica

Fiji Goshawk, Siga Siga, Fiji (photo by Ben)

Common Name


Barn Owl

heard but not seen

Collared Kingfisher

many spotted at the beach and perched on phone wires by the side of the road

Collared Lory

Fiji's national bird, often seen in flocks

Eastern Reef Egret

seen on the reef all the time, white and grey forms

Fiji Goshawk


Fiji Parrotfinch

seen twice near Waivunia village and at Nadi Airport

Great Frigate bird

seen flying over the water all the time


VERY common, very loud

Orange Dove


Pacific Swallow


White Rumped Swift

seen over the water all the time catching bugs

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