Monday, June 28, 2010

The Bird List Project -- by Tica and Ian

Collared Lories, Fiji

I got into birding and animal watching on this trip. I did not expect it but my sister Tica helped me to become a birder. Everywhere we went this year, be it Fiji, Tasmania, Singapore or New Zealand, we have seen amazing birds, like penguins, fantails, kookaburras, and others. I did not think I would ever see such things in my lifetime. If you look hard enough, you can find unique and very ornate species anywhere you go, like the Superb Fairy Wren of Tasmania or the Collared Lory of Fiji.

The blogposts that follow are ones that Tica and I worked on together and will detail birds that we saw on our trip by destination. We did not see many birds in Thailand and Singapore so that post will be much shorter than, say, the New Zealand post. Together, these posts will make a great start for our life lists. Tica and I look forward to adding to it when we get home to the States. -- Ian

Yellow Eyed Penguins, South Island (photo by Ian)

Note: All of the birds on the bird lists were seen or heard in the wild with the exception of the Brown Kiwi, which we saw at Willowbank Nature Preserve in Christchurch and the Auckland Zoo. Here are some birds that we saw in The Auckland Zoo and the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. Here are a few birds that we saw in captivity:

Australian Crested Pigeon

Australian King Parrot

Bald Eagle

Birds of Paradise (various species)

Black Cockatoo

Blue Duck

Doves (various species)



Golden Eagle

Guinea fowl (various species)

Hornbills (various species)


Lovebirds (various species)


Rainbow Lorikeets

Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo

Toucan (various species)


Zebra Finch

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