Monday, November 30, 2009

Tica's Homeschool Report

Tica's Take on homeschool so far....

Three things that I like about homeschool are:

  1. I think that it is really cool that we get to go snorkeling almost everyday.
  2. I like reading for 40 minutes a day. You almost never get to do that in regular school.
  3. I find if fun to see and do things in real life rather than read about them in a textbook.

There isn’t much not to like about homeschool but here are three things that I don’t like:

  1. I don’t like doing ALEKS because it is boring and always the same. The program doesn’t come up with any ways to change it or make it fun.
  2. There are only two students in our school. I like to work with a lot of people and, well, obviously I can’t.
  3. It can also get a little annoying to have your teachers with you 24/7.

Here are three improvements I think we could make to our homeschool:

  1. I think that we should do more art. I draw and do art on my own time but we don’t do much of it in school. I would like to see us learn more about art and craft making in the cultures that surround us. It would be fun for instance, to learn how to weave a mat out of coconut fronds.
  2. I also want to learn to cook. Maybe we could learn how to cook a traditional meal in every culture that we visit?
  3. I want to have a more creative curriculum. For instance, maybe we could do some more creative projects in math. I am more than half way through the sixth grade math curriculum. Once we are finished, it would be fun to do ALEKS a little less and do more “fun” math using books, games, etc.

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