Monday, November 30, 2009

Ian's Take on the Homeschool Question

What I like about homeschool:

  1. I like snorkeling on the reef and seeing sharks and turtles.
  2. I like doing snorkeling logs because you learn about fish.
  3. I like having Mom and Dad as teachers because I know them and I think that most kids do not have their parents for a teacher

What I don’t like about homeschool:

I hate doing ALEKS!

Things that I think would improve homeschool:

  1. I think we should do different things at PE, like play a game or soccer or baseball. I want to learn about players and learn the rules.
  2. Once we finish 4th and 6th Grade ALEKS, we should not do ALEKS as much, like every other day. Or maybe we can do different, FUN projects.
  3. I would like to study a species of fish per week and go out to the reef and try to find that fish.

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