Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Narrative Writing by Ian

For the writing portion of our homeschool program, Tica and Ian are working on practicing the four different types of writing: descriptive, expository, narrative and persuasive. Last week, Ian worked on persuasive writing when he wrote about snorkeling versus SCUBA and made a video. This week, we are working on narrative writing. Ian picked the topic from a list we found on the Internet.

Ten Crazy Reasons Why I Don't Have My Homework

  1. A Flying Fox ate it! My Mom was cutting a papaya on the table where I was doing my homework and splattered papaya juice on the paper. A Flying Fox, which eats fruit, thought it smelled good and flew through a window screen into my room and got it while I was asleep. I wasn’t about to take it from him!
  2. It was lost in a cyclone! A cyclone named Joe was coming and the eye was supposed to pass right over Siga Siga Sands! I was in such a hurry to get inside that I left my homework outside in the yard where I was working on it. The storm passed and we were safe. Unfortunately, when I came back out of the barricaded house, my homework was gone. It probably landed in the ocean.
  3. It was boiled in hot oil! I made it into a paper airplane and let it fly. My mom was making French fries in the kitchen and the airplane flew right into the hot oil in her frying pan that was on the stove. Before we could do anything about it, the sheet caught on fire and burned up.
  4. It went up in flames! I thought the sheet was old homework so I put it in the fire while I was cleaning up my messy desk. When I realized it was this week’s test, I ran to the garage to get my fishing pole. I used the pole to fish the homework out of the fire but by that time it had turned into ashes.
  5. I gave it to charity! I put the finished homework in my pants pocket. Mom went to Target and got me some new jeans. She offered to take my old pants to Goodwill on her way to the grocery store. She gave the pants away to this guy who works there. His name is Bob. Since I’d forgotten to take my homework out of the old pants pocket, Bob now has my homework.
  6. Incinerated! Our house flooded because we had a tsunami, which came after a strong earthquake in Alaska. The power was out so we started the generator. Unfortunately, it caught on fire and blew up, catching the garage on fire. Our house was also on fire because a power line fell on it and sparks ignited the curtains in my bedroom. My homework was on my desk right next to the curtains so it caught fire right away. So the house was flooded and on fire at the same time. It was not good. I was too busy trying to flee to safety to get my homework back.
  7. Crime stoppers! A burglar broke in to our house and stole some stuff. On his way out, he stepped on my homework and left a footprint on it. When we called the police, they asked if we had any evidence from the crime. We showed them my homework sheet. They took it for scanning and I never got it back.
  8. My kingdom for a pen! My pen ran out of ink and all my pencils were lost. When I went to the store, they did not have ink pencils or pens or mechanical pencils so I could not do the work. All the other stores were closed and I didn’t have any crayons because I gave them all away to my cousin Ryan last week. He is five.
  9. Decked out. It was a nice day outside. I had just finished my homework when the paper dropped between the cracks in our deck. I had no way of getting under the deck because it was blocked off by latticework. I tried to squeeze between the slats but could not get to it, even with a pair of tongs from the kitchen. (My mom got really mad at me for using kitchen utensils in the garden.)
  10. Go Green! I joined a go green club but I did not have any paper to recycle so I gave them my homework to recycle so it went to the recycling center and got made into a re-useable bag for groceries. At least it was for a good cause.

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  1. Now this is the best lists of excuses I have ever seen!!

    It's hard for me to choose the funniest...maybe the flying fox attack. The Jeans pocket idea is very clever and might even work on Bainbridge, but I wouldn't recommend that you test it out!