Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our trip to Taveuni - By Ian

This week we spent six days on Taveuni the third largest island in the Fiji group. We got to Taveuni on a ferry called the Suilven. (It sounds like "Sullivan"). They showed terrible movies like the Boogeyman III and Anaconda III. They only showed one kids movie, Night at the Museum II. We had to get up at 4 A.M so we could get to the ferry. The ferry left at 6 A.M. I caught up on my lost sleep in a bunk and woke up in Taveuni.

We got of the ferry and were met by Peter and his wife Gina, they took us to the house we were staying in. Once we checked out the house we unpacked and put our stuff away. The house was so cool, it even had a swimming pool, which by the way had no water, bummer.

The ocean water out side was very murky. We got there when the mangos were ripe so we picked some. We also got there just when they slaughtered a pig, so it was not very pleasant.

On our second day we went to a deserted island while mom and dad were scuba diving. It was called Koro Levu. We went snorkeling for two and a half hours. We also hiked to the top of the island with our guide Wise. We had so much fun.

On our third day we had a quiet day, because we had a huge day on Friday. We went for a walk, had some tropical juice, and had ono, for dinner. Ono is a kind of fish.

On the fourth day we walked nine kilometers, which is five and a half miles to a waterfall that you could swim in. The hike is called the lavena beach walk. The water was so cold. It was pouring rain, but we're used to that, so it was no problemo.

On the fifth day we went to the same deserted island, Koro Levu. Mom and dad were diving again. We walked around the island with Wise. We also tried to make a fire by rubbing two pieces of wood together, but it did not work. After, Wise told us a story, he stopped in the middle and said "do you want to see some dolphins"? We said "yes yes". He said "look out there" we looked and saw fifteen to twenty dolphins jumping! It was really cool!

On the last day we sadly packed up and left for the ferry. We were supposed to get home at 6 PM but the ferry was late so we got back at 10 PM as they say-- Fiji time!

All and all we had a fun trip.


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