Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tica Tsunami Report - September 30th

We had a little excitement this morning, when Geeda our property manager came in to notify us of a tsunami warning. Tica provides the details.....

There is little to add to Tica's report...
We did mark an escape route and pack a backpack in case we needed to make a quick getaway from Siga Siga. I added passports and wallets. Ben contributed his camera and a water filter. Tica and Ian added Noonoo, the owl and Mickey Mouse. Tica provided some levity when she graciously offered to leave her retainer if we were hit -- as a "sacrifice to the ocean gods."

In truth though, this was a little blip in our day. The watch was rescinded about a half hour after we learned of it. One of our Fijian neighbors probably put it best when, upon hearing the news of the watch, she responded, "Nothing happens in Fiji." We think she's right but are nonetheless prepared. If anything it was a good "drill" for the Drury's.

Our thoughts and hopes go out to the people of American Samoa as they recover from the quake.

Tica and Brooke

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  1. hi,tica and ian the tsunami sounds scary good thing we dont have them here.tica you know the song you were trying to teach brynne i learned it.ian it is cool you went snorcaling maybe you can tell me about it .from hazel macmillan