Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Week In Fiji

We have now been here at SigaSiga Sands, our home away from home for a full week. As expected it has been a week of discovery with ups and downs, laughter and tears, sun and rain, but mostly it has been a week our family will not soon forget.

We departed from SanFrancisco on Thursday evening, connected in Las Angeles, flew through the night over the Pacific and across the international date line to land in Nadi, Fiji on Saturday morning, one more connection on a 16 seater and we had arrived in Savusavu.

The ride we were expecting to meet us at the airport was on "Fiji Time" and we weren't yet, so after a few jet lagged uncertain moments we gathered our bags and piled into 2 cabs hoping the drivers would deliver us to SigaSiga to complete our long travel day. The drivers were our first introduction to Fijian friendliness and delivered us safely to our resting spot for the next 4 months. Smiles were broad on our tired faces, but we had completed the journey we had been talking about for months. I for one uttered a big sigh of relief.

The house we arrived to was what we were expecting complete with palm trees, grass, beach, 2 bedrooms a simple kitchen, and dining room and living room with an electric blue Laz-y-boy ensemble. The only things missing were our promised internet connection, and some food for our empty tummies.

Brooke and Tica took on the task of getting some provisions while Ian and I set to unpacking. Ian took some things into the kids room and promptly fell asleep for a much needed nap. I managed to get the bags unpacked, and find a home for the belongings we crammed into 5 carefully packed 49.5 pound bags that are to last us a year. Tica and Brooke retuned from an eventful trip to town (see Brooke's entry) and we had pulled off what was only a dream a few months ago. Our family was in Fiji; a place to live and learn and grow together.

Our first week has been spent getting acquainted with our new surroundings, exploring the reef in our back yard, establishing our home schooling routine and an internet connection, visiting Savusavu for groceries, discovering a great local outdoor bar that serves ice cold Steinlager, watching flying foxes (imagine the biggest bat you can) take to the sky, and a picnic/snorkeling trip to the amazing reef at the Jean Michele Cousteau resort. In addition to all of this new discovery we have established skype communication with our friends and family who are scattered across the globe, it has indeed been a week to remember.

I have done my best to document our exploits through the lens and have been posting a picture of the day on my facebook page. I have attached several additional photos here to fill in some of the gaps

To all of our friends and family who are reading our blog please know that we miss you and love you and that we just fine. We are in this together and wouldn't have it any other way. Please post your comments we love getting your take.

Stay tuned,



  1. Hi Ben Dear,
    What a week, what fabulous photographs, what interesting dispatches from every family member, what an adventure!!.. Ray and I devour each bit as if it were the tastiest of desserts. Keep it all coming...we LOVE it.

    VT is looking pretty good these days with the foliage almost at peak.
    XXOO, Mum

  2. It was great skyping with you last night and catching up on all you are doing. I have to say that through the comprehensive nature of your facebooking and photos of the day you are posting, much of our conversation was familiar news, but wonderful to actually see you all.

    I'll work on getting a camera for my end, so we aren't the voyeurs in the family.

    We love you all and wish you nothing but the best in this adventure.

    We'll skype again soon,