Thursday, January 7, 2010

To be continued.....

We are taking a little break from school and the blog to enjoy our last week in Fiji and the long awaited visit of Brooke's brother Reed, his wife Joli and kids Ryan (5) and Georgia Lou (19 mos.). As these pictures would suggest, it has already been an eventful few days!


Lovo with the neighbors

A 178 kg marlin for Ben
and a 11 kg wahoo for dinner, caught by angler Ian.

Scuba Siblings.

We head to Melbourne, Australia and Tasmania on January 15th where we will no doubt have more adventures to report on.

We wish everyone a very Happy New Year and look forward to continued reporting in the near future!

Brooke, Ben, Tica and Ian

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  1. We're excited for you and the next leg of your journey. Hopefully you'll find an internet cafe so as to skype us. Enjoy the happy holiday in AUS and TAZ.