Saturday, January 30, 2010

Goodbye Fiji, Hello Oz

On January 14th, the Drury clan bade a reluctant goodbye to Savusavu, our home for the previous four months. We climbed aboard a plane not much bigger than a minivan and flew to Nadi for the night. Next morning, we hopped a plane to Australia to continue the adventure.

We learned a lot on the first leg of our journey. We learned the reef like the back of our hand. We got off to a great start with homeschool. And all of us learned so much about ourselves, our family and the wonderful and varied peoples who call Savusavu home. We all agreed that this was not our last trip to "The Hidden Paradise". As they say in Fijian,


See you later Savusavu!

Mural of Savusavu that is posted at the airport.

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