Friday, October 16, 2009

Ian's Update Oct 16, 2009

We are doing fine in our first three weeks in Fiji. On Friday, we helped the Rotary Club in a clean up of Savusavu and we cooked lamb sausages and gave some juice to the school kids who did all the work. Tica, dad, and I cleaned up a field that some people play rugby and soccer on. There was a lot of trash including a pair of large underpants, two or three cans of rum and what seemed like 5,000,000 pieces of broken glass, and some ribbon. I even found $.20 Fijian. I think we should have a clean up day on Bainbridge island.

Later we went to a village, which was quite an adventure. We played the Fijian version of baseball, which is called “Rounders.” We played with a stick of bamboo, a small piece of plywood and a tennis ball. I made a diving catch and, unfortunately, I got grass down my pants. I liked some of the kids but the only problem was that everybody wanted to hit at the same time and instead of calling you out they called you "dead." At the same time, the older kids were playing rugby in the middle of our game! Then we went in and had dinner with the chief and his wife. I didn’t want to eat the stuff including prawn soup, taro root, and noodles wrapped in taro leaves. Then we walked home in the dark. We saw lightning bugs and an oven which people from the village dry copra in. Copra is dried coconut shavings that are milled and made into oil used to make soaps and other products. Fijians from the village harvest it and sell it to make money. I also met a dog-named Texas. They also have ten baby chicks and a very small kitten and dog.

Here is some video footage of our game of Rounders last week in Waivunia, the village we visited.

On Saturday, we stayed home and made necklaces, bracelets, and earrings out of beads with Tica’s friends, Seruwaia And Ruth. On Sunday, we did the same thing. Monday was a holiday so we didn’t do school. Instead, we beaded and got a pet caterpillar named Francis from our friend Nai’s brothers. Francis lives on our porch table in a bowl with a colander covering the top. He poops so so much and we feed him lots and lots of leaves his colander has holes in it so air can get in.

I got bitten by an ant or something two times but we are having lots of fun going snorkeling almost everyday. On Sunday we went snorkeling and I saw a sea snake! It had to be at least three feet long. It was kind of scary!

On Tuesday, Tica and I cleaned Francis’s bowl. Even though we have only had him for one day he pooped like ten times. Then Dad went into town and went shopping. He got good food that we needed. Then we did are Fiji test and I got ten out twelve on the test to make a long story short I got 80% Tonight we will go to the Rotary meeting and go to the Internet café because we don’t have Internet right now. We will go to the bakery, which is called the “Hot Bread Kitchen.” They have fruit bread, buns, coconut rolls, and bread sticks. Then we will go have dinner at the Captain’s Café. I am going to have a hamburger and fries. Then we will go home. I actually had a chicken burger because they were out of beef. They were also out of pizza. On Wednesday we woke up and had toast and a bun for breakfast. And then we started school.

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