Friday, October 2, 2009

Ian's Snorkeling Rules

Ian’s Snorkeling Rules

We have learned a lot about snorkeling in the last two weeks. Here are three things we have learned so far.

The first thing we have learned is to never go snorkeling alone unless you are experienced. Even if you are experienced you should buddy up if you are far out in the ocean or in a current. If you get hurt your buddy can go get help. You can also see more, because there are two more eyes on the lookout.

The second thing we have learned is to try to be as quiet as possible, because you will scare the fish away if you flail around too much. And if you move your arms too much you will get cold faster.

The final thing we have learned is to never kick or touch live coral. Coral is a very important part of a healthy reef. It provides homes for the fish and the many other inhabitants of the reef. It also provides food and hiding places for fish. If coral gets kicked or touched it can die and it takes a long time to re-grow.

Snorkeling is a fun thing to do and if we follow these simple rules we can be safe and have lots of fun.

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